OETA assists 22 Pueblos and Tribes in NM and TX in promoting the enhancement of environmental resources, environmental health and in the protection of tribal lands from environmental hazards and pollutants.

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The mission of the Office of Environmental Technical Assistance (OETA) is to promote, protect and preserve tribal environments by assisting Pueblos and Tribes in building capacity to enhance tribal values, culture, lands and health.

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Tribal Lands Forum

August 14-17,2017
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Check out available job announcements from the 22 tribes and pueblos we serve! For more information please directly contact the tribal administration or human resources office.

What's new?

Rio Grande Trail Commission

The "Rio Grande Trail Commission" is created to establish the Rio Grande trail to run the length of the state from Colorado to Texas. The Rio Grande trail shall be a recreation trail for New Mexico residents and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of New Mexico and the Rio Grande and learn about the culture and history of New Mexico. The trail shall be established in a manner that seeks to minimize environmental impacts and preserve sensitive habitat. The commission shall define and recommend viable path routes of the Rio Grande Trail, mitigate challenges related to its establishment and define and recommend other features, facilities and enhancements needed on the trail. The commission shall also make recommendations to the legislature as needed and report annually to the governor and the appropriate interim committees that deal with water and natural resources and rural and economic development.

Janurary 6, 2016
Las Cruces at the Hotel Encanto, 705 S. Telshor Boulevard, 88011.

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