Drinking Water

Trainings & Operator Exam Schedules

NM Drinking Water Bureau Training Opportunities

The Drinking Water Bureau and other organizations offer many opportunities for board and operator training. Some of these training events are free.

NM Water & Wastewater Association

The primary activity of the NMWWA is providing training for utility operators throughout the State. Some of the training opportunities that are sponsored or supported by the Association include:

Three one-week Short Schools which are held annually and involve training in all areas of water and wastewater utility management and operation

One and two-day workshops, presented by the NMWWA Sections, which are held in various locations across the State.

Monthly Section Meetings with various training topics. These meetings are held monthly by the six NMWWA Sections.
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New Mexico Rural Water Association

New Mexico Rural Water Association (NMRWA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to helping communities provide safe drinking water and wastewater services through on-site technical assistance, specialized training, and legislative support.

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NMED Surface Water Bureau-Operator Certification

The Utility Operator Certification Program (UOCP) administers Water and Wastewater Operators at all public water and wastewater utilities in New Mexico.
This includes development, scheduling and administration of certification examinations, processing applications for certification and renewal, tracking all certified operators continuing education courses, evaluating training courses for relevance to program, tracking compliance with operator certification requirements and working with the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission and the Utility Operators Certification Advisory Board.
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Operator Certification Study Guides

Register for all Certification Exams through the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) by completing their Exam Application Packet (below). Your materials must be received by NMED before the application deadline date, which is generally 30 days prior to the exam date. You are able to test for all levels of certification on each exam date. Be sure to bring the registration postcard that will be mailed to you by NMED, proof of training credits, and one form of photo identification to the exam.

Call NM Operator Certification Program for information on exams 505-222-9575


Agencies & Organizations

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