General Assistance Program (GAP)

Program Overview

The General Assistance Program (GAP) first began in 2005 to provide administrative support for all OETA programs. The GAP program has been successful in creating and establishing new programs like UST, Brownfields, Air Quality, Information Exchange, Solid Waste and Pesticides. In addition to supporting the overall objectives of the OETA office, the GAP program also supports the Tribal Youth Environmental Summer Camp and the Intertribal Resource Advisory Committee (IRAC) in addition to providing outreach activities and training events.

Program Objectives

The Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council Environment Department (ENIPCED) has been in operation since 1994 with funding provided through the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. The combined funding received for the ENIPCED and the Office of Environmental Technical Assistance (OETA), which was housed at the ENIPCED in 2005, General Assistance Program (GAP), a four year grant, is approximately $200,000 for fiscal year 2014. This grant provides the base programmatic support, from the two combined GAP programs, and funding for solid waste technical assistance, the Tribal Youth Environmental Summer Camp and for the office and funds 1.65 FTE administrative positions.

The focus of the combined GAP grant is to support tribal capacity building for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos (ENIPC) and members of the Intertribal Resource Advisory Committee (IRAC). Tribal capacity building includes assisting the pueblos and tribes in the areas of technical assistance and planning with quality water, indoor air, environmental compliance, and the development of management plans. The ENIPCED-OETA has the desire to serve all 22 IRAC members. The GAP program supports the capacity of the ENIPCED-OETA to develop ongoing programs and projects to provide those services.

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