Northern Pueblos Agricultural Day

Presentation by NMSU Specialists & USDA Agents
. USDA Resource Panel
. Animal lD
. Livestock Health
. Composting
. Alfalfa and Mixed Hay Production
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Traditional Native American Farmer's Association

TNAFA’s mission is to revitalize traditional agriculture for spiritual and human need, by creating awareness and support for Native environmental issues.

In 1991, Native Seed/SEARCH, a non-profit seed conservation organization based in Tucson, Arizona, conducted a survey of Native American Farmers in Arizona and New Mexico to learn more about how they were faring in the struggle to maintain their crops, their land, water and their way of life. Sixty-two farming and gardening families on 17 reservations and pueblos were surveyed. The survey revealed that Native American farmers were afflicted with a startling lack of interest from their communities. The farmers felt that few young people saw farming as a viable profession